Welcome to the University of Michigan's Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center

“I have been seeing Dr. Orringer for a year and a half and keep coming back to see him because of his excellent knowledge. My skin has had great improvement since seeing Dr. Orringer.”

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We've all heard the saying "Beauty is only skin deep." The truth is, feeling confident about your outward appearance can build deep inner confidence that changes the way the world sees you – and how you see the world. At the Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center (CDLC), you will experience private and personalized care. Our physicians are board-certified dermatologists with an expert understanding of all skin types and needs. Whether you seek more youthful looking skin, removal of unwanted hair, blood vessels, or tattoos, or laser treatment for a vascular birthmark, we will assist with your personal appearance goals and cosmetic concerns.

A Tremendous Range of Services

We offer the most current, safe and effective therapies available, including: various laser treatment systems to achieve specific results; CoolSculpting for innovative, non-invasive fat reduction; and a full range of cosmetic dermatology treatment options to address most cosmetic skin conditions. At your first CDLC visit and consultation, you will meet with your physician to learn more about CDLC therapies and procedures, and to create a treatment plan specific to your goals and needs. Call us today at 734-615-0682 to arrange for your CDLC appointment, or for your questions, including directions and parking information.

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